Sunday, February 22, 2009

Predictably Irrational -- Dan Ariely -------- 4 STARS

Little known fact, I am in a book club; well, sort of. I have gone twice in six years, but I now have made two in a row. The book club is with some Mary Washington Political Science alums and we recently read Dan Ariely's Predictably Irrational.

The book is about behavioral economics which is more or less the study of the psychology of economics. It was a really fun, cool book and it made me think alot about why I and others spend money as they do.

Some of the major themes that I summarized from the book are: think about what you value and why you do so, enjoy what you have and don't let too many options ruin the enjoyment of your life, be honest, and if that's hard to do, think about being honest and it will be a lot easier, and everything you spend money on is relative so understand the TRUE value of things.

Not bad for a book on economics. It really is a fun, easy to read book that I really suggest if you have any interest in getting a better perspective on the money in your life or you think about the value of things as you do.

The book came in at 4 stars as Ariely provides some great stories from his research that help illustrate each major point of his book. Each story is told creatively, easily and in a very "non-economic" way. The book is a quick read and it's definetley recommended.

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