Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Pillars of the Earth -- Ken Follett ------- 5 STARS

Well I felt it was fitting to include a 5 star book for my first review. If anyone ever reads this they will learn that I am not what you would call a creative writer. All I can say about this book is that it is: really, very good. 5 stars.

There you have it, not eloquent but accurate. The Pillars of the Earth really is an incredible book... great characters, wonderful story, moving dialogue and action. For a book that is so ridiculously long (973 pages), it flew by. Normally a book of that length would not even be considered by these eyes but SO many friends had SO many positive reviews I had to give it a try.

Now, I would not say 'I could not put it down'. That's just not accurate, I have to work, shower and do other things that I really can't read a book to do. However, whatever free time I did have, I dedicated to the book until it was finished.

If you have read it, you know what I am talking about. If not, go get it very soon and read it. It's really that good.

As a friend of mine said about it, "I don't think I can be friends with someone if they don't like this book". Yeah, that's right, it's that good that people are willing to lose friendships on it.

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