Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Woman in the Window - A.J. Finn ---------------------------- 3.5 Stars

The Woman in the Window was being marketed as your next Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train. While it certainly follows a similar blueprint - mystery novel with some death mixed in and not sure who's for real or not - it didn't live up to the standard set by either.

Interestingly, I read Gone Girl first, then The Girl on the Train, and now this. And after each, the rating has gone down a half point. It started at 4.5, then 4, and now 3.5. Perhaps they are all equally good and I am tiring of the story line or genre? Or, perhaps, much more likely, the books aren't as good as the original Gone Girl (which was Gone Girl).

Quick synopsis - really drunk lady in New York looks out her windows a lot because she doesn't ever leave her house (due to mysteries you'll need to read to find out) and sees stuff in other apartments, including, wait for it, a murder!

So, seems like a pretty interesting premise and it is actually. The book had a great start and kept me enamored for at least the first 150 (of 400) pages. The problem with the book, is that it's not nearly enough action. Unlike the other two mysteries mentioned above, the action is limited. Really, this book is much more about anxiety and the challenges of the main character (drunk lady). While there was a pretty good OMG ending, the book could never really get me fully invested or excited like the other two did. Please don't get me wrong, its a solid, entertaining read with some great twists that I did not see coming but if you are looking for then next Gone Girl, probably best to keep looking... but read this if you are bored.

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