Friday, June 28, 2019

The Person YOU Mean to Be - Dolly Chugh ----------------------- 2.5 Stars

Ah, yes, summer time. Which means I actually have time to start running through some books. I was excited to start with The Person You Mean to Be which was a recently released book about bias, diversity, and inclusion. While I was so excited to read, it did not live up to the expectations.

A couple reasons I was so looking forward to this book - 1. It came highly recommended by Rosetta Lee, an incredibly funny and smart person who does work with many independent schools about diversity work (and I've enjoyed hearing speak 3 times). 2. It had a great combo focusing on growth mindset and fighting unconscious bias (cool combination). 3. I'm really engaged in learning more about ways I can improve my own understanding of how to help others.

So, why the low rating? Well, it didn't actually have much to do with the book. Chugh wrote a wonderful introductory book for people to better understand how present bias is in people's lives, a cursory review of privilege, and actionable ways to be more aware and able to make good decisions. Also, the title is simply fantastic and one of the better concepts in the book. She returns to it often and it's a great way to not feel overly guilty about not always making the best choices.

Why not a higher rating? Well, the blog is based on entertainment value, which wasn't a huge part of this book. Also, I didn't actually find the book that interesting. She tried to do what many non-fictions books with specific concepts try to do - they suggest an idea and then provide fascinating stories/anecdotes that make it more obvious. She tried to do this, but unlike Malcolm Gladwell (who I find the best at) or others, the stories often went on way too long and/or were not interesting. Additionally, based on other readings I've done, much of the book was a type of introduction to ideas I've seen before.

Overall, I actually strongly recommend this book to people; especially those that have not read anything about bias or growth mindset before. Please don't read into my rating and do read this book! If each person could learn more about individual ways they could make better decisions that were less bias, the world would be a better place!

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